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Round One Complete!

Well, that's it! I made it, A through Z, with different authors representing each letter. And I only went off the rails a little bit to make things work.

So what’s next? Before I explain the future of this blog, I’d like to offer my TOP FIVE of the books I’ve reviewed so far. It’s difficult to choose, but here are the five books I’d recommend the most, in (of course) alphabetical order by author:

And now… how about Round Two?

There will be one major change to the blog. I’m still going to go alphabetically by author, but instead of sticking just to Young Adult (YA) books, I’ll be reviewing some Middle Grade (MG) books as well. Why? During these stressful pandemic months, I’ve found these books for readers ages 9-12 have been such a comfort, and I want to recommend books that might comfort you as well. Additionally, I’m currently working on my own MG novel and have been reading MG books to become more educated about reaching younger readers. I’ll make sure in my reviews to specify whether the book is YA or MG.

So it begins, back to the letter A...

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